Cush’s Homegrown started in our kitchen by using tomatoes and peppers from our garden. Our quest was to not only make a salsa that didn’t taste like a spaghetti sauce, but also to be healthy for our family. After years of development and hard work, we now produce a chunky-cooked-salsa that has a freshness and flavor of a homemade product. Our products are made in small handmade batches with attention to the highest quality and consistency. Though we make small batches, we were not able to grow enough produce to supply the company. We then turned to local vendors and farmers to supply the vegetables and spices. In 2009, we began selling our product in a few local stores. It was after we quickly sold out that we realized we had a “tiger by the tail”. Today we supply over 400 natural food stores and Supermarkets and are gearing up to export to Canada.

Our Pledge to the Environment

Recycle Earth
We love the environment, almost as much as our salsa.

We love fresh vegetables. We have farms where we grow our own organic jalapeños to ensure the perfect taste and bite for our salsas. We compost all the plants at the end of the season and send all food scraps to a pig farm for feed. We believe that the land gives to us and we make sure that we are sensitive to the environment by recycling all materials that we use and send absolutely nothing to the landfill! In addition, we can our products in reusable glass mason jars. We encourage you to reuse these versatile jars around the house. We use them for everything from storing flour and sugar in the cupboard to doing crafts with the kids. If you have any more creative ways to re-purpose our jars, let us know so we can feature you on our blog!


We have already told you that we take care of the earth but we make it our mission to take care of people. All of us at Cush’s Homegrown have a commitment to make the world a better place. We all work to raise money for many charities including Breast Cancer, Wounded Warriors, High Hopes (An Equestrian facility for disabled children), local food banks and many more. We are also partnered with Meals 4 Others, an e-commerce site that gives donates 15% all products sold to a food bank or pantry of your choice. We are not telling you this to blow our own horn – but rather to let you know that supporting us means supporting the community. 

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