Find us in any of the stores below!

For our friends outside of the Northeast – you can now buy our salsa online through these retailers!





21 thoughts on “Where to Buy

  1. Hi Chris! Hope all is well at Cush’s! My husband just came home with your Salsa from Highland Park in Suffield! Glad to see your product there!

    Happy New Year!
    Christi blad
    Namaste Foods

    1. Hello Tenley, All our ingredients are Non GMO the only reason we don’t have it on the label
      is no one knows which flowers the bees visit.

  2. love your salsa, bought it at salem prime…7.99 a jar is a little steep, can i buy this elsewhere not so expensive?

  3. Found your Medium and Red Zone versions at the Market Basket in Claremont, NH. Awesome! Low sodium, and no vinegar or sugar added! Nice to find a product like that.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. We work very
      hard to produce the highest quality and best tasting salsa. Market Basket should also have Black Bean & Corn and Peach Mango
      these are also great. Please tell your friends and Thank You again!

      Chris Cushing

  4. Hi, we have a culinary shop in Ipswich, Ma and would like to sell your products. Can you send a wholesale price list? Thank you, Bea

  5. We just happened upon your salsa at Hannafords while on vacation in Gardiner, NY…so funny since we live near Lyme!
    Now we need to stake out where we can buy it locally because we LOVE it!

  6. The Red Zone salsa is the best, most flavorful salsa I’ve ever had. But the Big Y near me stopped carrying it…Sad. I was hoping to be able to buy it online now.

  7. Hello Linda,

    We have discontinued selling to them because of their pricing structure was not conducive to making our product competitive. They may still have some on the shelves if you find it buy as many as you can for it will not be there for long.

    Best Regards


  8. The best salsa ever…love it. Next time you order labels is it possible to get a good label that will come off. I can never get the glue off to reuse the jar. Just a suggestion. Don’t change a thing with your salsa! Thank you.

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